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Santa's Photographers page - So different from each other, but they are all good

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Linda C., Woodstock, IL - "the joy and happiness it brought to the grandkids says it all."

Dan M., Valparaiso, IN - "Santa Chicago was great. Looked the part and was very nice and kind. Our community loved Santa Chicago! He was even kind of to stick around a little longer than scheduled to get the last few kids in line and to take photos with our sponsors. Thanks again Santa Chicago!"

Daniel S., Chicago, IL - Santa was great and accommodating for our office, as we asked for him to read a poem that one of team members had written and he did it without hesitation.

Anna B., Kenosha, WI - Santa was all we could have asked for. He looked great, was on time and interacted very well!

Random people - a child to other children, "Look he is the real Santa", a grandmother "You are the epitome of Santa Claus", a 50ish man "I'm from from Dallas, TX and you are the best Santa I have ever seen"